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Black Gold Ranch and Feedlot is a family-owned and operated cattle ranch in central Illinois.  It was developed in 1994 by Steve Foglesong. 

Steve Foglesong
Ranch owner



Steve Foglesong is the owner of Black Gold Ranch and feedlot located in Illinois.  With his wife and children, he operates a cow-calf, stocker, feedlot, and replacement heifer development program. He attended the University of Illinois where he received a bachelor’s degree in animal science.

Steve is active in many agricultural organizations. He is a member and past president of the Illinois Beef Association, and was 2010- 2011 NCBA president. He was appointed to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board by the Secretary of Agriculture and also served on the Beef Check-off Working Group.

He has held other positions within NCBA including Membership and Association Services Committee Chairman, Region III Vice President, New Marketing Initiatives Committee member, and member of the Blue Ribbon Commission. While serving in these roles, Steve provided strategic direction for resource development to achieve the goals and objectives of the industry’s Long Range Plan. He also helped guide the coordination between NCBA, state affiliates, beef councils and other industry organizations.

Steve, and his wife, Linda, have raised four children, Nate, Drew, Cole and Kaitlin.  In his spare time, he continues to work on enhancing the wildlife habitat on the ranch and participates in local groups such as his county cattlemen’s association and Extension.

Contact Information:

Steve & Linda Foglesong
4970 N. County Hwy 12
Astoria, IL 61501

Nate & Hannah Foglesong
4810 E McCormick Hwy
Astoria, IL 61501

Drew & Becca Foglesong
10830 N. Camp Ellis Rd.
Ipava, IL 61441